Beta Testing Update Guide

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Beta Testing Update Guide

Post  Kurro on Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:11 pm

This is mainly a guide for myself for beta testing, but also for those who would like to take a look at the progress:
(Note: This is what I'm working on, not what is finished)

-Fix autocast
-Npc animations
-Auto Retaliate (Npc)
-Food glitch
-Wilderness fixes
-Update commands
-Chat/text need some updates

Stuff being added
-Unique Quests (Cool weapons/gear, maybe titles, money, experience)
-Maze Mini game (Working on name too Razz )
-Skill cape emotes
-Farming updates
-Party room (Need to change a few things)
-Clue scrolls
-Runecrafting (Maybe)
-Agility course (Not sure about it)
-More shops
-Improved/added areas
-Custom weps (Or unusual gear)

Wish me luck on my progress Laughing

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